About Us

Want to own a part of the American Real Estate Dream, that everyone dreams of ? Are you raising a family, relocation or even thinking about another investment property? 101 Realty Services provides you with all the services required for you to be successful!

You are on a continuous  journey to a better living. At 101 Realty Services we have the experience to listen to your needs and make your dream come true. With our services we can make sure that the most valuable element "Your Time" when it comes to any real estate needs is being managed so that you have it for the most important one of all!

German founder and owner Frank Kunzfeld has worth a decade of working as a Captain for one of the most well known luxurious fractional Jet Operator in the nation and his experience in delivering the best customer experience is being infused and the foundation of the company. Explore 101 Realty Services innovative array of products designed for the exact needs of our clients. 


101 Realty Services